Yeah, there was a ton of news last week. Traditionally, there’s a bit of a “recovery period” in the industry, since every shouted from the rooftops last week and there isn’t much more to say. So we’ll be picking up the pieces ourselves, focusing on news we may not have covered, putting out the podcast from June 8th, and playing more Diablo.

Oh yeah, more Diablo.

Friday 4:15 pm – matt

picked up the game called gravity rush for the ps vita. it’s a japandemic of a game starring a young girl who awakens with amnesia and a little cat that allows her to alter gravity.

with a shoulder button tap, gamers are able to shift the worlds gravity on to another plane and traverse the environments while suspended on a building or such. a it confusing to describe, and even more confusing to see in person, it’s a unique experience offered up on the portable console.

showcasing touch and gyroscopic controls, the system itself becomes an additional controller while navigating in zero g. with a cel shaded style as comic book panel storyboards, the game is full of style and packs a lot of fun. I’ll grab some video feeds soon and upload them to the site.

Friday, 2:36 pm – Ricky

Ok, soooooo who’s down for a Diablo 3 drinking game?

Thursday, 4:53 pm – Albert

The real money auction house is up, but i’m steering clear of it myself. I don’t really think i’ll need to ever buy something for real money, but then again i’ll update you when I reach inferno.

The new SimCity was also shown at E3 and since i’m playing catch up i’ve been learning all about it. New curved roads, multiplayer action where your cities affect each other, great new graphics and streamlined but still complex gameplay. Sounds great to me! Since i’m not a city planner…

The next videos show the Glass Box engine that EA is using which definitely has some interesting simulation demonstrations

I’m REALLY hyped for this! I’ve been having throwback fever… First X-Com UFO Defense and now…. most likely SimCity 4 will be played. It’s taking me from Diablo 3! I don’t even know who I am anymore…

Wednesday, 9:40 am – Ricky

On the road again, so no Diablo for me! I’ll save myself from the early days of the real money auction house – I’m sure there are a few overpriced items available. Hell, I’d be overpricing my items too! Just to see where the market for morons is…

Instead, I’ll enjoy some Vita action, as well as Plague, Inc. on my iPhone – an addictive game where you try to genetically form a disease and spread it across the world. Definitely worth checking out at only a dollar.

Finally, a plug: The Humble Indie Bundle number 5 has only a day left, and they’re closing in on the $5 million mark. Grab some amazing titles for more than than the average price (about $8.50 right now), and get a bunch more amazing titles. Plus, there are 5 soundtracks included, and you’re doing something good for charity and the gaming community. So, go on, do it.

Tuesday, 11:16 am – Albert

Good news everyone! Well, good news for people who want to use real-money auction house in Diablo 3. Diablo 3’s real-money auction house will be live today! At this moment, the servers are still down but when it comes back, apparently we will have access to loot which has access to our wallets. You need an authenticator to use the the RM-AH, but it comes free and can be downloaded via app on your smart phone or you can buy the traditional keychain version.

Now all I need is an app that tells me my bid has been outbidded…(ed)

Monday, 9:46 pm – Podcast

June 11, 2012 – The Sound Debacle of the Decade (and Diablo 3 again, with tons of E3 stuff)

Gamentary Round 6 – June 11 2012 (right click and “Save As” to download the mp3, or use the player below)

Monday, 1:05 pm – Gavin

A little too busy to make a post right now, but here is something to ponder:

Holy shitsnacks.

Monday, 12:39 am – Albert

We had a great weekend full of Euro Cup soccer and even a podcast! Look forward to that coming soon.

In the meantime, i’ve been trying to play catch-up to all the E3 goodness I missed last week. There were two things that caught my attention.

1. EA has now bought the license to UFC which was triggered by THQ failing to break even from UFC Undisputed 3 which I thought was a great game. It sold approximately 2 million units and still couldn’t make it. I am half excited and half … meh. I did really like EA’s MMA because it had Fight Night controls and graphics just look incredible.

2. Xcom: Enemy Unknown was shown at E3 and it’s definitely one of my most anticipated games. Check this trailer out and hopefully you’ll be excited!

In other news, I have begun my play of AH (Auction House) it’s a great game where you try to buy the best equipment at the cheapest prices to make your character (Wizard, Demon Hunter, Barbarian…WHO CARES?) better and then you make a bid and then log back on in an hour to make sure you won that bid. It’s a great game! Thanks Blizzard!

Shout out to Adam who totally has given me the best insight to how to play AH properly. Damn… all my wasted gold.