Oops. Yeah, the new post is going up late this week. So, that’s our topic: lateness.

For my part, I’m rarely late to the party with a new game. I love picking up new games on release, regardless of what I’m currently playing. This habit has created a pretty sizeable backlog, and means that I don’t finish as many games as I would like and often miss the late-game awesomeness.

I also don’t have the ability to game late at night. I like playing when I’m awake and attentive, so this usually means right after work or in the evening. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way, and I often go days or weeks without playing in favour of sleep vs. late-night sessions.

How about you? What’s going on lately in your life?

Sunday, 10:43 am – Ricky

I’ve never broken a piece of video game equipment out of rage, but I’ve seen the results first hand from matt. I don’t recommend it.

We were up late on Friday night and into early Saturday morning getting our first real Gamentary session of Diablo in. Preezie, Albert and I romped through the first 2 acts of Nightmare, and part-way through the 3rd act before giving into our body’s sleepy demands. I had a great time, and act 3 was especially fun – the number of mobs on screen with that many players is awesome, and it felt great tearing through monsters with arrows while Albert lasered the shit out of them and Preezie open-palmed them in the face.

I want more.

Saturday, 12:18 am – matt

videogame rage has cost me at least $100 bucks as i have to repair/replace a playstation vita.


Friday, 5:oopm – Ricky

Amazing Humble Indie Bundle – I can’t recommend it highly enough. Bastion is worth the price of admission on its own.

I just can’t get into playing these classics, so I’ll probably skip Dungeons and Space Quest. Also, I now have 246 games on Steam. I’m good.

Speaking of “the price of admission”, I spent my day off collecting the necessary elements for – wait… SPOILERS FOR DIABLO THREE (3) SECRET AREA!!!!

You with me? It’s not much of a spoiler, and it’s been floating around for a while, but better to send out the warning. So, I collected the pieces for the Staff of Herding, the “weapon” that gives access to Whimsyshire! This is Diablo Three’s (3’s) secret area, similar to the cow level from two (2). I didn’t have too hard of a time picking everything up. All told, about 2 hours worth of loading and reloading areas to get the right random map or loot drop.

Check out the screenshots below! I brought Albert (LOLPWN) along for the inaugural ride.

Thursday, 3:18 pm – matt

I would like to point out that I picked up Blasto on Day 1 launch. I loved phil Hartman and will forever be missed…

but i did get to listen to whole podcast on my phone will shooting new bags, thats fun.

Thursday, 2:18 pm – Gavin

Ugh, I hate to whore out my contributions to advertising, but it’s Humble Bundle V time, and this time, the collection is phenomenal:

  • Limbo
  • Psychonauts
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (no, not a typo)
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent (!!)

Plus, pay over the $6.88 average, and you’ll also receive Bastion.

I already own Limbo and Amnesia, but that’s still three very well-received games for $7.00, and you’ll also get the game soundtracks as well.  Hopefully they’ll let me gift those copies.

I’m all about supporting small developers – the games industry is a very cruel mistress and it’s often very difficult to produce even the smallest of “vanity” projects on a large scale.  EA and Activision may dominate the market and may have billion dollar coffers, but that shouldn’t stop the small guys (and gals) from being able to get their works out to the masses.

Thursday, 1:25 pm – Albert

You’ve seen us! You cannot un-see us!

My recommendation is to buy the Space Quest collection if you’ve never played it. The classic way of adventure games by Sierra were probably the most memorable of my childhood.

In other news, Dungeons is on sale on steam as well! It’s a Dungeon Keeper type of game with some definite twists. You’re probably overloaded with Dungeon games, (i.e. Diablo 3), but it’s definitely worth it if you’re in the market for another game that is similar to the god games: Black and White, Populous, Evil Genius, etc. I’ve only played the tutorial but i’m really enjoying it!

Wednesday, 11:26 pm – Gavin

Only another 13 hours for this one, but the Space Quest collection is on sale for $5 on Steam today!

Wednesday, 9:41 pm – Ricky

Take a look behind the curtain! This is the setup (from Round 4) – always a blast, but now with sweet equipmunk!

In this last picture: Red shirt with the headphones is Ricky (moi); to my left, in the Martin St. Louis tee is Gavin; the man sporting the shaved look is Preezie, and the fine 4th fella is Albert.

Now that you have a visual, you can never get rid of it. Suckers.

Wednesday, 1:33 pm – Ricky

May 28, 2012 – The Perfect High Five (and stuff about Diablo 3)

Gamentary Round 5 – May 28 2012 (right click and “Save As” to download the mp3, or use the player below)

Tuesday, 9:55 pm – matt

Despite the misleading title the website is NOT pregnant, but thanks for the congratulatory remarks…

since my addictions leave my feeling tired I rarely stay up playing games late in the night, but I remember playing Phantasy Star Online with Ricky back on the Sega Dreamcast…

I can safely say I was late to the entire Playstation party. For some reason my devotion to Sega clouded my judgment when it came to choosing the Saturn or the Playstation and needless to say it didn’t work out that well for me.

I remember how pissed I was when a 14 year old brought over Parappa the Rapper and I saw how cool Sony was. I think I traded in my Saturn quickly after and had a massive library of titles to catch up on, from Crash Bandicoot to Coooooooooooooooooool Boarders!

Tuesday, 12:55 pm – Gavin

There are few things in life more enjoyable than that early 20s, no-responsibility-having late night gaming session.  I acquired Deus Ex just in time for my final exams in 2005.  By this point, I’d already been accepted to my Masters program, so I basically just needed to pass the courses with anything over a 65.  GAMING TIME.

No all-nighters, because I didn’t want to screw anything up, but I spent more than my share of time with some headphones on, exposing the deep, dark conspiracy that spanned the globe, well into the wee hours of the night.  I don’t get those kinds of nights anymore, especially not now that I’m usually dead to the world by 12:30 or 1:00am on weekends anyway.  Of course, the more tired I get, the stupider my mistakes get – this was very evident in my late-night runnings of Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory, which required stealth and not being an idiot.

Speaking of things coming in late, this was announced back in February, but did anyone hear about “Nightmare Busters”?  It’s a game that was originally supposed to be released for the SNES back in 1995, but it never made it to production.  So, a small company acquired the rights and will be releasing it for the SNES in 2013.  It’s a 2.5D sidescroller that appears to use the same engine as Knights of the Round, a much better game.  This video is from 2008, showing an early build of the game.  Who knows what it will look like when it actually comes to fruition?  All I know is that it costs $68 to order, and even as a man whose primary source of fuel is nostalgia, I’m not touching this one.

Tuesday, 12:10 am – Albert

Well, it’s 12:10 am and i’m gaming LATE. Realistically, I should be sleeping. I should be getting ready for bed and getting a great nights sleep. Instead, i’m planning on opening Diablo 3 as soon as I post this. I’m still playing Nightmare and i’m really enjoying the difficulty. Well, that’s not true. I’ve died 10x more than I have in Normal. It’s pretty tough as a Wizard with heavy damage but low vitality. Insert nerdy sound here.

Stay tuned for the Gamentary Podcast coming soon!

Monday, 2:50 pm – Ricky

See above, late post.

Also, I’m late to the Max Payne 3 party as part of my attempt to not buy the new hotness when I have other games going. I really feel like I’m missing out on the multiplayer community, but hopefully it won’t be a flash-in-the-pan and there will still be easy matchmaking in a couple of months when I finally dive in.