Last week, Diablo 3 came out. Yeah, we played that a bit, and we might not have updated the site from Friday through the weekend. We ghosted. Sorry about that, but we were playing games and enjoying our beautiful Canadian long-weekend.

We’re back this week and the topic is simple: ghosts. I’ll be playing some Ghost Recon: Future Soldier this week, I watched Dark Shadows, where there was a ghost, and I’ll probably ghost from the site again in the middle of the week because I’ll be out working and stuff.

What kind of ghosting are you up to?

Saturday, 9:14 pm – Albert

Welcome to your Nightmare Ricky! Where you just smash every crate, destroy every barrel, open every chest, search every corpse, kill every enemy… with only WHITE AND BLUE ITEMS! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Actually, that’s terrible. But it’s addictive as hell! I’ve been searching for Legendary items and no luck so far. I’m wondering how the auction house (which is down a lot) is filled with so many legendary trinkets.

Besides Diablo 3, I have been playing some more Trials and have found that the best part of the multiplayer in that game is the “bailout” function that allows you to fling yourself across the finish line! Just be careful because you can bail into the ground…. and then you get a big fat DNF. I was playing with Preezie and a friend and i’ve never laughed so hard when each us at one point or another bailed into the abyss or into the ground… *cough* Preezie sucks *cough*

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention that if you’ve never played Civilization V, in which you should be SUPER ashamed, its free on Steam this weekend. Need I say more? Game of the year edtion is $12.50… that’s like, less than… um, two starbucks coffees and a tartlet (tartlet?). Play it! I bought the expansions this weekend, not that I need them, but just for the fun of it. It’s a long road to get even close to the amount of games Ricky has, but someone has to keep the hope alive.

Saturday, 2:20 pm – Ricky

Yes! Count me in – I love video games and their music, so this is a natural fit. We’ll sort out a field trip for sure.

I beat Normal in Diablo 3 last night. I needed some assistance though, since the final boss was a bit of a dick. Screw it – SPOILERS – you fight Diablo. Diablo is a dick.

Getting started on Nightmare difficulty this weekend for sure, probably playing some Ghost Recon, and recording the podcast on Sunday, likely to go up on Monday. Also, just signed up for the Mechwarrior Online closed beta. You should do the same.

Friday, 3:11 pm – Gavin

So, a bit of a change of pace for me today, but as I was reading through the free newspaper this morning, I saw that VIDEO GAMES LIVE will be coming to Toronto in October at Massey Hall.  I’ve heard about this before but never had the chance to experience it.  Essentially, it’s a symphonic/rock concert of video game music with a live stage show.  Here’s a brief preview:

You can find more videos online, but hell, I’d rather be surprised.  Here’s the summary from the Massey Hall ticket website:

Video Games Live returns to Canada with an all new show, including music from Final Fantasy, Zelda, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Pokemon, Warcraft, Diablo III, Earthworm Jim, Mass Effect and more.

Video Games Live bridges a gap for entertainment by exposing new generations of music lovers and fans to the symphonic orchestral experience while also providing a completely new and unique experience for families and non-gamers.  With performances in front of hundreds of thousands of people on five continents, the show is heralded and enjoyed by the entire family. Video Games Live is the largest and most successful video game concert in the world.

Tickets are $37.50-$67.50.  I SMELL A FIELD TRIP!

Thursday, 7:02 pm – Albert

Skeeerryyy Games?! I love them! Or I used to love them… but then I realised that I would rather play something else. I’m not sure where they dropped off for me, but i’ve played the classics: RE, Silent Hill… Fear and so on. I haven’t touched Dead Space but according to Preezie, it’s pretty SKEERY.

I prefer demons over ghosts, or at least that’s what is happening to me. Diablo 3… Sooo Soo good. But I haven’t been able to get a LEGENDARY ITEM!? Where are they coming from? They are flooded on the Auction House but I don’t know where people are getting them. It’s people whose job is to play Diablo 3 i’m thinking. More rants to come i’m sure in the Gamentary Podcast that will be happening this weekend!

In other AMAZING news, Skyrim’s next update with add mounted combat! Now you can just ride into town and smack random citizens in the face with your mace!

There is a god.

Thursday, 9:05 am – Ricky

Awesome, this turned into a scary game post! I hate scary games!

Well, hate’s a strong word. I would say that I don’t really care for them. I played some Resident Evil 1 & 2, and Silent Hill back in the day, but that’s been pretty much it. The new versions of both of those franchises hit pretty far off from the “scary” mark.

I played a bit of Diablo over the past few days, but I haven’t really had a marathon session yet the way SOME people have… I’m off tomorrow, so I’ll definitely spend some quality time clicking. I’m a level 25 Demon Hunter and I’m either at or near the end of Act 2. This feels like a pretty slow pace compared to some folks on my friends list, though I’m not sure how long it takes to ding at the later levels.

I just hope I’m not hit with any downtime. I’ve been lucky so far!

Wednesday, 6:18 pm – Albert

You want to know what’s even scarier than Penumbra and Amnesia? The fact that i’ve now beaten Diablo 3 in Normal difficulty in less than 3 days (while also attending to life). I can’t even do a long post or an informational post… I just have to keep playing… Nightmare mode next. Save me.


Wednesday, 12:48 pm – Gavin

When it comes to scary games, it’s less about me loving the horror aspect, about actually being scared, and more about me loving the fact that a game can elicit a deep, emotional response from me.  All games actually try to do that (not just by being scary), but not every game succeeds.  In the past, I’ve been quite scared/creeped out by Phantasmagoria, Silent Hill, a few sections of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 (Ravenholm!), and various other games at various other points in my life.

All of this leads me to the game that I’m psyching myself up to play.  It’s made by Frictional Games, the same company that made Penumbra to which Preezie referred in the previous post.  It’s been called the scariest game ever created, and with a tagline like that, I don’t want to play it – I HAVE to play it.

Amnesia The Dark Descent

I’ve seen plenty of reaction videos on Youtube for this game, and the idea of it terrifies and thrills me.  It will be quite the change after the live-action LSD trip that is Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Sadly, I haven’t gotten into Diablo 3 yet.  This past weekend, I actually went outside (*gasp*) and got some natural sunlight into my life (*double gasp*).  The idea of that is offensive, but it was too nice to stay inside and play games.  Plus, some budgetary issues have come up and I’ll be sticking with what I’ve got for now, jealously listening to the fun the rest of the guys are having with it.

I’ve been playing Earthbound for the SNES on my phone on the way too and from work.  Holy hell, what a delightfully charming game, and I generally dislike turn-based games.

Tuesday, 9:19 pm – Preezie

I love ghosts.  I love scary games.  I think I touched about this in a podcast but ever since I played Alone in the Dark and realized “HOLY HELL.. COMPUTER GAMES CAN BE SCARY” I’ve fallen in love with genre (I’m already a scary movie junkie).

This picture brings back such memories.. To be honest, I’d love to play it again.

Perhaps a little less known was a game called Penumbra Overture.  I remember buying it thinking “chances are this is going to be another terrible game but whatever, maybe those swedes can put out something other than blonde bombshells ikea furniture” and I wasn’t disappointed.  Anyone who has any interest should definitely pick it up.

As for Diablo 3… Awesome so far.  Having to start from scratch after losing my level 9 character (long story), I’m back up to level 16 or 17 playing as a Monk.  Ricky and Albert powered me through most of Act 1 but I still caught all the main story.  A+ so far.  Preezie#1672 for anyone looking for a friend ❤

Gonna check out the auctionhouse as Albert has just informed me it is open and he’s bid on item.. maybe i’ll bid him up on it… YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!

Tuesday, 12:33 pm – Albert

What up! Tuesday is upon us! I know there isn’t too much to talk about with most of our wrists suffering from carpal tunnel from excessive clickclickclickclickclick

I have to just say that Diablo 3 is really growing on me, at first I wasn’t as drawn in as I once thought I would be but after reaching level 19, the game really opens up and the story is glorious so far!

In other news, one of my other favourite classic games: X-com: Enemy Unknown just released a great video showcasing the structure of their base and the main hub. Check this video out, it comes out in October! JOY!

Monday, 2:46 pm – Albert

With the long weekend about and Toronto feeling like summer it was hard to be indoors. But now that i’ve gotten my day of sunlight, I will never go outside for at least another 2 months. That is my promise to you.

My wizard, LOLita, is level 16! Sweet. But I definitely need more ridiculous hours into it! I just got to Act 2, so I cannot wait to see how it goes.

We might be more “ghostly” then usual. Whenever I think of ghosts I think of Starcraft (I & II). I just remember those times where I would just build 10 nuclear silos and just launch them all at once on my foes….

“Nucc Nucc Nucc Nucc Nuclear Launch Detected”

Monday, 9:35 am – Ricky

My Demon Hunter, Jynn, just dinged level 19. I started to solo when Albert dropped off this weekend, and I’m really finding the middle of Act 2 tricky! Hopefully we get back into it this week.