Oh man, it’s here. It’s finally here. After all of the announcements and betas, tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow, we get to play Battleship, the video game tie-in to the movie!

Also, something about the third Diablo… Maybe you’ll hear about that this week.

In all seriousness (because video games are serious business), this is launch week. Millions of people will be playing as of midnight tonight in their respective timezones (unless you’re an East coaster in America, then you get to wait until 3AM). I won’t be one of those millions, unfortunately – I’ll likely get my click on this Wednesday, with the delay caused due to real-life obligations.

Instead, I’m sure we’ll hear from Preezie and Albert about their playtime this week. And don’t forget to listen to the newest podcast, where we talk Diablo 3 quite a bit. If you’re not into Diablo (!?!?!), we will be talking about other things, too.

Like puppies and rainbows.

Thursday, 9:34 pm – Albert

Seriously though…

Day 2 of Diablo: Ricky and I played again with another one of our friends who was a much higher level than we were. It was A-M-AZING. Good times were had by all. I was very happy to see that including a third who was in a higher tier than we were did not disrupt the flow of the game. The enemies still provided a challenge, and since the more people you have in your game the harder the enemies, it all worked out well. We were about 8-10 levels behind the Level 25 Witch Doctor but in the end we all leveled (I leveled twice) in just under an hour of gameplay. The game mechanics were very well thought out by Blizzard. The Banners make it easy to get to any of the other players should you get divided. Also, the story seems to reward higher tier players with different journals even though they were revisiting those areas.

In other news, the Diablo 3 real money auction house is delayed until further notice. It was originally supposed to debut on May 22, 2012. Blizzard has been quoted to fixing numerous bugs and stability issues that plagued the game on Day One.

No showing of the bug for me again! Let’s hope we are safe. We all know Tristam is not. Also poor Wirt. I wonder if his leg is still around…

Thursday, 9:33 pm – Albert


Thursday, 12:04 pm – Ricky

clickclickclickclick Hi there! clickclickclickclick Welcome to the site! clickclickclickclick Stay a while and listen read!

So Albert and I finally got our click on in Diablo 3 last night. At first, we were admittedly underwhelmed. We were both in the beta and we had played through the opening content of Act 1 a few times. But once we got closer to the first boss, I think we both got that good ol’ loving feeling back! For the game, not each other. That feeling has never left.

I’m not sure how to explain Diablo – I guess it’s a game about discovery. Discovering your character and what he can do; discovering enemies and how they can mess you up; the excitement of discovering new and fancy items and equipment. It’s also a game about progress. While you’re not encouraged to “run through the game” – and we definitely explored every nook and cranny – you’re certainly encouraged to progress your character through the levels, enticed by even more discovery and progression.

Yes, there have been a number of reported bugs, glitches, errors, and server downtime. I’m not a Blizzard apologist or a fanboy – I just love games, and like them to work the way they’re supposed to. For my part, I haven’t had any issues logging in or with the game itself. I completely understand both sides: as a consumer, I expect to be able to play my purchase when I want; as Blizzard, they can’t be expected to provide servers for the number of concurrent users that, arguably I suppose, will never be seen again post-launch. Of course, both sides probably had an inkling this would happen before the launch – a massive game, with millions of users, won’t work on day one, but Blizzard should know they have a massive game, with millions of users, to support on day one.

I guess that’s just my diplomatic way of saying both parties are at fault.

Having said that, I encourage you to play the game – here are some tips for those getting started and for those of you looking to continue your 3 day gaming vacation binge. Also, feel free to add me on battle.net – JynnanT0nnyx#1698.

matt sorry that I blasted you. I’m sure that you enjoyed the buggy Gran Turismo launch, just they way I’m enjoying this launch. Mea culpa.

Wednesday, 2:00 pm – matt

i would like to take the time to point out how much flak i got from ricky because i had a blast playing Gran Turismo while people complained about the damage effects being set too high at launch…

but hey at least i was able to play the game…

Wednesday, 12:05 am – Albert

Today I played Diablo III as a test run until I can gather the lads for some multiplayer action in the future. Unfortunately, I got the error 3006 but it was nothing as I described before. Mine was simply a freeze of some of the game’s functions: leaving the game, exiting Diablo III, closing the dialog window I was in…, etc. Regardless, I was playing only for a bit, a level 7 Barbarian (since it is the left out class that we had decided), and I had to alt-del.

My character screen is now bugged, my login name no longer appears, and at one point my battlenet. had said I don’t exist as a member. Troubling news indeed. The brightside is that it seems only in particular of the single barbarian. When I switched my character over to the Wizard whom I will play, it fixed all those problems. I’m sure Blizzard is working on these bugs but it might be wise to hold on for a bit!

Instead, I started playing an Android game called: New Star Soccer (link is to the flash version). This game is AWESOME! It is a combination of some Angry Birds precision and some Football Manager type of simulation. Basically, you watch a soccer feed (much like Yahoo! Soccer Feed): i.e. “Albert gets a pass” and you take over from there where you can shoot or pass. Do well and it raises your stats with you Team, Boss, Girlfriend, etc. (Yes. Girlfriend. She makes you buy stuff and gets mad at you when you don’t buy enough… so SUPER realistic. It’s an amazing soccer simulation of juggling some stats and making the best of your performance. Check it out below!

More Diablo III updates to come! God help us rid ourselves of the bugs.. OH THE BUGS!

Tuesday, 10:45 am – Albert

I just saw a shout out for Diablo III on the news! There was a long line of people waiting for the midnight release at various stores around the city. Silly people. Don’t they know they could have bought the game from Blizzard, have it downloaded and instantly play it once midnight rolled around? That being said, I have tried Diablo III but i’m waiting to get the crew to go on further! THE ANTICIPATION…

Meanwhile, as Ricky was mentioning, there are a couple of bugs going on apparently. According to a Joystiq post: “you might want to avoid the game-breaking bug discovered by fellow players. According to many posts on the Blizzard forums, equipping a Templar follower with a different shield may result in the game desynchronizing from Blizzard’s servers. Users are also reporting that they are unable to log back into Diablo 3 – specifically encountering timeout error 3006 – even after restarting the game. ”

That sounds promising!

Tuesday, 10:13 am – Ricky

It’s here! It’s finally here folks – and I can’t play it. But what’s one more day, right? RIGHT!? Ugh…

So there’s not much to this update then – did you have a chance to play before the server crash last night? The error code in question – error37 – made the Twitter trending topics last night. Looks like everything is up and running now, except for the real-money auction houses (check current server status here)

Monday, 2:40 pm – matt

how funny would it be if the battleship video game was actually just a digital board game as you call out targets?

in other news the new podcast is up on iTunes, listen!

Monday, 10:40 am – Gavin

On the podcast, I made reference to an old Windows 3.1 game called Castle of the Winds. For those of you stuck perpetually in 1994, or for those of you who can’t afford Diablo 3, enjoy!

Castle of the Winds!

I called it “terrible” on the Podcast, but that’s not quite true – it was a cheap little game but it was really enjoyable. It looks like something that should have been released in 1985. Lots of rage-quitting involved when you get stuck in a room with a boss that is big, overpowered, and much faster than you. The teleportation spell is much more valuable than you think.

Monday, 12:01 am – Ricky

Here! Have a video that’s awesome while you wait 24 more hours!