Oh man, remember when you were in high school and the only refuge from computer class was browser games? Well, they’ve come so far that now we’re getting adaptations for current-gen consoles (N+, based on N) and new ideas based on classics (Organ Trail – fine, it wasn’t browser-based, but I still associate Oregon Trail with school).

On our last podcast, the boys mentioned that Trials Evolution reminded them of an old flash game, so I thought this would be a great chance for everyone to share their favourites! Oh, and don’t worry, you didn’t miss a podcast this week. We just didn’t do one, and we probably won’t for another week. But I’ve got something else in mind to tide you over in the meantime…

Sunday, 7:10 pm – Albert

Sunday, Sunday…

As we wrap our week on flash games, I did some research to find all the amazing games that are out there and given my love for Zombies I present: Rebuild!

“Gather survivors of the zombie apocalypse and manage food supplies, housing and morale while defending against undead attacks.  Reclaim the city one square at a time and put your survivors to work scavenging for food, building houses, rediscovering technology and of course killing zombies.  Beware of rival gangs, wild dogs, food thieves and even riots as you manage a city in this post apocalyptic turn based strategy game.”

Sounds a little bit like Project Zomboid *cough cough*. Remember that Ammaazinng game? It reminds me of that except in a flash game and turn based. Check it out!

Next up is : High Tea!

“High Tea is a strategic plate-spinning game, you play an independent British smuggler selling opium in China’s Pearl Delta. Buy cheap and sell high to make a profit, but make sure you also obtain enough tea to keep Britain happy. You have ten years before the opium wars begin – can you make your fortune? Based on historical events, this game also shines a light on a questionable episode in the history of the British Empire.”

To me, this game reminded me of Drug Wars where you are making trades depending on the prices of commodities and sell them when they are at a premium, get a high score, rinse and repeat. Sweet time waster.

Go and spend time on these games! I have spoken!

Saturday, 9:28 pm – Albert

Wicked sales have been going on, and today is no different. While it’s not flash game related, Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space on iOS is going through major sales. The first episode is free and the other four episodes are reduced to $2.99! I loved playing Sam and Max when it was first released. Amazing adventure game and such a great duo. Oh crazy Max… crazy, crazy Max. That was actually the first adventure game I finished without a manual.

I’m also looking forward to Diablo 3 and Ghost Recon AND Company of Heroes 2. I do agree with Gavin that Ghost Recon was a little more complicated, but that was the fun part about it. The more complicated the better.

Other than that, I’ve been still on my Tropico 4 kick, and i’m very tempted to buy the Modern Times expansion.

Also, now with the Avengers movie out, time will only tell when the game is released. I wonder if it will follow the new Batman games and concentrate on great story, excellent combat and amazing graphics… or if it will just be another cheap rip off. Only time with tell… i’m afraid for the Game of Thrones game too. I hope i’m wrong and they are both amazing. *crosses fingers* Speaking of which, Batman: Arkham City will be getting an expansion. Harley Quinn’s Revenge releases May 29th, 2012. Crazy, crazy Harley…

Friday, 1:58 pm – Ricky

Dude, that’s insane. I bought Arkham City for $40 before it released, thinking I would get through Arkham Asylum before it actually dropped. I was wrong. Both games now sit unfinished in my Steam library.

So, yeah, pick up Arkham City if you have need of game. Game is cheap and game is (reportedly) good. Ad concluded.

As for me, I’m still waiting on this:

Friday, 11:03 am – Gavin

Batman: Arkham City is on sale for 50% off on Steam!  I don’t want to turn this site into one giant walking ad, but that’s a lot of game for $15.

Thursday, 1:15 pm – Ricky

Ok, we don’t tout ourselves as being “up-to-the-minute”. If you want instant gaming news, you can go to one of the big sites. BUT, this is too good not to post right now.

1. The Elder Scrolls Online is the cover of the next Game Informer. An MMO launching in 2013. Play your favourite single-player series with millions of whiny pre-pubescent kids friends.

2. Found by Reddit: Company of Heroes 2 in PC Gamer UK magazine. Please go and clean off in the bathroom. You back? Here you go. Now go clean off again.

Thursday, 12:48 pm – Ricky

On the surface, this seems like a post about Flash games. But it’s quickly turning into nostalgia for old-games-born-again.

I have to say that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier looks awesome. But, it looks nothing like the old GR or even the more recent GRAWs. The focus has changed dramatically from stealth and strategy to more action and linear paths, similar to what we saw with Splinter Cell: Conviction. Don’t get me wrong – I loved Conviction. But it was different. Can’t wait to go hands-on with GRFS next week.

Similarly, the new Hitman looks radically different from its predecessors. I think this is just a reflection of the shift in game tastes away from what originally made the franchise popular. Certainly, there will be stealth and multiple paths you can take to complete your objective. But I can already envision increased hand-holding and COD-style set-pieces in this new version.

Finally, Diablo 3. That post I linked to at the Battle.net forums on Tuesday (here it is, for you lazy folks) dives deep into the comparisons with Diablo 2 and the resulting changes. I don’t think we need to dwell on this one – that game will be drastically different than anything we’ve even seen from the genre.

In other news, we purchased some new podcast equipment today! And by that I mean, we’ll have actual audio equipment soon. We’ll record sometime in the next couple of weeks again, but for now, you have to make do with our sultry text and a plethora of YouTube embeds.

Thursday, 10:12 am – Gavin

The more I think about Ghost Recon, the more I’m reminded of the original Ghost Recon, which I played after the original Rainbow Six.  If Rainbow Six was hard, then you needed a frigging degree to play Ghost Recon.  It wasn’t a bad game, but it was the Demon’s Souls of FPS games.  I’m not necessarily always about running and gunning, but when it comes to commanding a troupe, I suppose I’m better when I’m just playing as the commander, à la Command & Conquer, rather than doing everything.  Rainbow Six was hard enough with waypoints and with friendly AI that was so bad it has to wear a helmet at all times and has its mittens pinned to its jacket; the advancements in Ghost Recon weren’t enough to justify the increased difficulty.

I didn’t play any of the new ones after that.  My impression was soured a bit and I went back to more conventional FPS games like Half-Life, Deus Ex, and the original Soldier of Fortune.  Anyone ever play that one?  They decided to spend their entire AI budget on animation.  Enemies were ridiculously hard or ridiculously easy, but their reactions when you shot them in the groin with a high-powered pistol were about as genuine as one could find.  Head to about 2:16 of this video for a very brief glimpse of the ultimate Rochambeau.

Thursday, 12:21 am – Albert

OMG. New Hitman… looks soo… soo.. good.

Wednesday, 11:52 pm – Albert

Minecraft is like computer lego! I have spent my fair share of hours upon hours playing that game. I played the demo on PC first before purchasing the full version. Between testing the demo and buying the game, I think maybe 10 minutes passed. Buy the game now! GO!

The trailer for Black Ops 2 reminds me too much of Battlefield 3. I’m already bad at that game. No need for another. I would rather wait for the news that Ricky covers on the new Ghost Recon.

Meanwhile, the post for the background on the Wizard for Diablo III came out.

Wednesday, 1:56 pm – Gavin

So, Albert’s always talking about Minecraft, so I downloaded the free (and functionally limited) Minecraft game for my phone.  I spent the entire train ride home yesterday digging an enormous tunnel, and it took me ten minutes of navigation and jumping just to get out of it.  “No no, dig UP, stupid.”  I can see how that would be an addictive game, just building things.  Like a digital version of LEGO.

In other news, it was big news yesterday, but how terribad does this trailer for Black Ops 2 look?


Wednesday, 1:03 pm – Ricky

IGN is about to go live with 2 hours of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier! Tune in on Twitch.tv here, and be sure to come back next week when I give my thoughts from the upcoming Toronto launch event!

Wednesday, 11:32 am – Ricky

Good stuff, matt! Really shaping up. We’ll be launching another logo shortly, so stay tuned for that.

In video game news (!), I thought I’d pull together a list of my 10 favourite flash games! Then I started replaying Bloons Tower Defense (the 5th one now) and quickly forgot about everything I was doing or had to do. BTD is another great example of a flash to iOS port, and it’s kept me busy during many a commute.

In even more news, I’m still looking forward to Diablo 3.

Tuesday, 7:13 pm – matt

hello everyone. quick update from me today right now, but its a big one. the podcast is up and streaming now on iTunes, so look up the gamentary crew on your computer or iphone or other i device and download the podcast now! for non apple user, first off my apologies, second dont worry, one day im sure you will… now if you would like to subscribe you can check use the following link: https://gamentary.wordpress.com/category/podcast/feed/

ALSO ive helped launched our youtube channel with an animation of our greater than symbol buddies spelling out the logo, you can check it out here too:

Tuesday, 10:07 am – Ricky

Man, Albert, you’re just not letting go. Fine – I will commit to giving Project Zomboid another chance WHEN they put in multiplayer.

Great suggestions so far – newgrounds.com was definitely a well-frequented site for me, too. I also used to hit up candystand.com when it was sponsored by… candy brands… which doesn’t appear to be the case any more. In any event, we used to have mini-golf tournaments during computer class or at lunch, just trying to see who could get the best score on the daily leaderboard. There was a hockey game as well if I recall.

As far as REAL games go, this is my second to last week before Diablo takes hold of me. I’m going to be desperately trying finish Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Fez before then, all while trying to top Albert’s scores in Trials Evolution. I won’t really have a ton of gaming time, so we’ll see whether or not these games join the pile o’ shame.

Tales from Elsewhere!

Speaking of Diablo – here’s an awesome post all about Diablo on the Battle.net forums. Specifically, it details a lot of the mechanics in Diablo 3, and the author notes many of the differences between 2 and 3. It’s even chapterized, so yeah, it’s big.

Have a computer? Like wallpapers? Here are hundreds of awesome wallpapers for your computer, collected at Shacknews. Games, space, nature, you name it.

Tuesday, 8:52 am – Albert

I really enjoy any game that has a horde mode. But I think for me, most of those games would be classified as tower defense games. I usually play my tower defense games on my Iphone which includes: Fieldrunners, Trenches I & II, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, Swords and Soldiers, etc. Those are fun games which can be played in small chunks, or in large… addicting marathons.

Speaking of addicting, my experience with flash games stemmed mainly from sites such as newgrounds.com and addictinggames.com. These sites have been my crutch in times where boredom was great and there were no alternatives to play.

I really REALLY love Morrowind and Oblivion. If you have not played either of those, and perhaps have not played Skyrim yet, definitely snatch these up. I used to spend hours browsing and installing mods… the days before Steam Workshop.

I did spend hours recently modding my Project Zomboid game. Now my game has twice the map space, 13 new weapons, and a whole bunch of tweaks. I’m going to keep talking about this game until you people play it! Other than that, it’s been days of more Tropico 4 as El Presidente.

Monday, 9:46 pm – Gavin

The weeknights are harsh for me this week, but this coming weekend, I’ll be making another attempt to beat wave 50 of the horde in Gears of War 3.  Epic Games have been having fun with the horde mode recently – “Weekend horde events”.  They’ve been changing the enemy loadout so that you get bosses mid-wave instead of at the end of wave 10, restricting the types of enemies they throw at you, “creepy crawlie” waves, etc.  Started out fun, but eventually got kind of boring just killing the same bad guys for hours on end.

Speaking of flash games, I played this one before I played the original 3D version:

Portal: the flash version

Enjoy, and you’re welcome for me ruining your day!

Otherwise, I’ll be playing Skyward Sword.  I’ll be in this one for a long time, I can tell – many of my friends have put in around 50 – 60 hours into this one, and that’s a massive time suck for me.  There are a few frustrating sections, but such is the nature of a Zelda game.  It’s sometimes hard to tell if I’m not doing something right, or if I just don’t have the necessary items to do what I’m trying to do.

Anyone need a major time sink?  Elder Scrolss: Morrowind and Oblivion are 50% off on Steam this week!

Monday, 8:49 am – Ricky

Yeah, late again, but I’m on the road again. That means more Vita! And some of this Organ Trail. What are you planning to play this week?