Leaving the old shitty site behind, a young Gamentary with fresh faces, new perspectives, and a new setup is born.

Each week will have a running post that we’ll update with our thoughts on what we’re playing, industry news, and anything else. The post will close on Sunday at midnight, and a new one will rise from its ashes. (Ha! Phoenix! Get it? Had to)

In the future, we’ll wrap-up each week with a podcast, so, you have that to look forward to I guess. For now, you get our Gamentary.

Sunday, 7:09 pm – Casual Game Player #4

to help celebrate old school gaming and my first post i present the sega genesis, still in working condition with WWF wrestlemania, jurassic park and mickey’s magical fucking adventure…

Sunday, 7:03 pm – Ricky

Heh, old games. I can’t play old games. Although, one of the Matts has told me about a magical box he’s assembling that will play stuff from NES to PS2, and I can get behind that.

So, the end of our first week is near! How do we celebrate? Dead Island. Gonna be a bloody good time tonight!

Sunday, 12:27 am – Gavin

As I’m sure you’ll all learn very quickly, I’m a terrible sucker for nostalgia. I’m permanently 12 years old, so anything that hearkens back to my youth is instantly favoured. It even gets in the way of my current gaming – I spend a lot of time replaying old SNES games. Heck, I wouldn’t even load up a new game on my new laptop until I’d gone through one playthrough of Illusion of Gaia.

I’m always nervous that games from legacy franchises won’t live up to my expectations. There’s little worse in gaming than a hotly-anticipated release that just fails to capture that je ne sais quoi. So, it was with mixed emotions that I started playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Believe it or not, the last Zelda game I played was one of the greatest games of the 16-bit generation – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I only had a SNES growing up; I never had an N64 to play Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask, and although I have no excuses as I’ve had a Wii for years now, I have never played Twilight Princess. So, imagine the anticipation – 21 years between Zelda experiences!

I’m not looking for a game to replace Link to the Past; that would be blasphemy, as Link to the Past holds a special and eternal place in my cold gaming heart. I’m really only looking for a game with that kind of dark whimsy and charm that pervaded Link to the Past. Fun and sweet, but not as mature as something like Fable.

I’ve logged about three hours in Skyward Sword now, and my first impression is that it’s a fascinating game. The Zelda series has clearly matured and evolved, as it must do to survive through this console generation. It relies much more on NPC interaction and dialogue than its 8- and 16-bit predecessors. The art style is utterly charming; not exactly testing the limits of the Wii’s already-limited hardware, but that’s not the point. The cel-shaded animation is distracting at first, as this generation, I’m more used to either full-blown cartoon human representations (Super Mario Galaxy) or attempts at full-blown realism (take your pick from blockbusters like Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto 4, Fable 2 and 3, etc). However, it grows on you very quickly.

I look forward to the chance to add more feedback about the game.

Saturday, 3:22 pm – Albert

As you may know, I played Dead Nation Co-op for hours last night. I haven’t even touched the single player but I love the co-op mode. I cannot believe I put this game on the shelf for so long.

It appeals to my constant need to upgrade things. Lots of things.

Exhibit A below.

Friday, 4:06 pm – Ricky

What are you talking about!? Far Cry 2 was amazing! Just look at all the awesome things it taught us about survival in Africa!

Friday, 3:05 pm – Albert

The more I read and see of Far Cry 3, the more interested I am. But I have been down this road with Far Cry 2. I just don’t know if my heart can take it… but this trailer helps.

Friday, 1:52 pm – Albert

I really enjoyed playing Fifa 12 on the Vita the other day. It honestly reminded me of a blend of Xbox graphics and gameplay. Just a really great portable and definitely surprised me at how well it performs!

I’ve just finished Dungeon Village for the Android. That was a great game and I think I might even play it again… Other than that, I’m still sinking time in UFC Undisputed 3 which has made tremendous improvements over the last release. The controls have mostly stayed the same but the little details like banner creation, expanded story mode, and character creation has kept me hooked.

Friday, 10:18 am – Ricky

What’s up Friiiiiday? Got myself copies of Rayman 3 HD and Shoot Many Robots for Xbox Live. I also heard about a little Dota2 update (lycanthorpe style), plus Skyrim patch 1.5 was officially released on PC. Should be a good gaming weekend if I can actually make the time! What’s everyone else playing?

Wednesday, 3.39 pm – Ricky

I don’t have a tablet, but I did just buy a Playstation Vita! I’ve been trying to beat Matt H.’s time on this one track in Motorstorm RC (still free on PSN – US accounts only). I think he’s cheating, and he’s in town today so I’m going to check his system and found out.

Wednesday, 1:47 pm – Albert

I have played four hours straight of Dungeon Village on my android tablet… and I have no intention of stopping. The game comes from Kairosoft, the creator of Game Dev Story and other addictive games. If you are unfamiliar with these type of games they look like old school 16-bit games but the addiction factor is of ridiculous proportions. Dungeon Village combines a town building sim with RPG elements. It reminds me of playing Majesty on the PC in which you control the town and the AI controls the heroes that go out and fights monsters and comes back to spend money in your town. I might not be giving it enough credit by explaining it but I would strongly recommend downloading at least the lite version and give it a try!

Tuesday, 11:06 pm – Albert

Diablo 3’s Beta has been amazing! I have already played through as the Monk class. Similar to the Assassin class from Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. The game looks great, run smooth and has all the loot goodness as per usge. I cannot wait to play it when it comes out. It has all the works of ridiculous fun!

Speaking of ridiculous fun, I played Skyrim when it first came out for 172 hours. That’s right. I have stopped for now, but after seeing the below video (not to mention the mountain of mods out now) I might have to put on the ole Dragon Armor again.

Tuesday, 2:34 pm – Ricky

We love video game podcasts. Our podcast stuff (when it launches) will be inspired by MANY hours of listening across a ton of different sites. One of the most influential is Idle Thumbs.

If you’re not familiar with their stuff, be sure to check it out on your podcast listening device of choice. If you are familiar, you may know that they’ve left the digital airwaves for long stretches of time for one reason or another. They recently started a Kickstarter project, and it closes tomorrow. I’ve contributed (a lot) and I would again for the amount of free entertainment they provide.

Between the success of the Thumbs, the Double Fine Adventure project , and now the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter, we could see a whole new way of funding game developments.

Tuesday, 9:55 am – Ricky

Oh man, Diablo 3. I’ve “played through” 2 classes already in the beta (Barbarian and Witch Doctor) and can’t wait to get my hands on the full game May 15th. Albert, more Diablo 3 beta is needed soon. Everyone else here will just have to wait.

Horned skulls ftw.

Tuesday, 7:45 am – Albert

You stand correct good sir! I was watching and waiting in the shadows for your first post.

While you are playing deep games, I am debating on the ultimate question…

I mean, the skull would be a perfect addition to the bathroom.

Monday, 9:04 pm – Ricky

Well, so far it appears that I’m the only person on this website. Since that appears to be the case, you are now given awesome Star Wars comedy, something that I’m fond of.

Monday, 3:57 pm – Ricky

I bought, played and finished Journey on the PS3 yesterday. It’s the poster child for “video games are art”, but not in the sense that’s pretty (it is pretty, though), but more in it’s storytelling.

No dialogue or lyrics for the music, just beeps and boops from the odd and engaging character and any friends you meet along the way. It’s difficult to explain why people should play this game – that’s usually a good sign that you should just play it and decide for yourself if it’s worth it. At 2 hours from start to finish, it’s easy and rewarding.

Games. They can be deep, too.

Monday, 12:01 am – Ricky

Yeah, this is the first post. Hope someone comes on here and says something interesting soon, otherwise it’s going to get real boring, real quick.